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How I hacked ASUS?

Hello folks! Today I want to talk about ASUS RCE vulnerability on rma.asus-europe.eu domain. I was trying to fill out service apply form for my personal laptop. I had a screen issue. I realised that there is an upload part to upload some warranty documents. I was trying to bypass upload restrictions by editing request….

CyberArk EPM Privilege Escalation Vulnerability – CVE-2018-13052

Hi everybody, today I just want to talk about CyberArk EPM Privilege Escalation vulnerability (CVE-2018-13052). Actually CyberArk made awesome product – at least in theoretically -. Companies can arrange privileges from one single console. It has a lot of options to arrange privileges. For example, you can set a specific application to elevate but at the same…

CyberArk EPM file block bypass – CVE-2018-14894

Hi folks! I found an interesting vulnerability on CyberArk Endpoint Privilege Manager. CyberArk EPM file block bypass (CVE-2018-14894) is very easy -even you have slave privileges-.CyberArk EPM aims to manage privileges from one hand and prevent any harm with admin privileges. How does CyberArk EPM work? If user needs admin privileges, CyberArk gives the admin…

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