Hello world! Just kidding I dont like cliches at all. I am Mustafa Kemal Can and this is my first post. I’ll use this place as a blog, diary and place that I can speak. Let’s talk about me.

Who am I? – Mustafa Kemal Can

mustafa kemal can

I dont take you too much, just want to say that cyber security was a hobby for me even I was a kid. Whole story of my career has started 2009, when I was 13. Someone hacked my game account and I started to think “how”. After that I learned RATs,undetecting etc. In cyber security once you jump in the road, you can’t leave it. My main branch is web application security, but I have knowledge about reverse engineering, undetecting, linux and windows security too.

I this 8 years, I see lots of things and people. I dont write all of them of course but maybe I’ll do it later 😉 Welcome again. Take care!

Contact : mustafakemal.can@outlook.com or Twitter