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Make IDOR great again!

Hello folks, today I’ll be sharing some important IDOR tips and tricks with you. This articled prepared in the lights of my past experiences, I hope it will be useful for the community! What the hell is IDOR? Our friends at OWASP explained it for us long time ago.┬áHere is the full statement “Insecure Direct… open redirect vulnerability

Hello folks! Today I want to share with you official open redirect vulnerability. This is actually a very basic example of open redirect vulnerability. Open redirect issue makes the official US Senate website open to the phishing campaigns. Details of open redirect vulnerability Actually there is no technical thing to talk about. This…

How I hacked ASUS?

Hello folks! Today I want to talk about ASUS RCE vulnerability on domain. I was trying to fill out service apply form for my personal laptop. I had a screen issue. I realised that there is an upload part to upload some warranty documents. I was trying to bypass upload restrictions by editing request….

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